Learn how to collaborate on record creation by sharing drafts with specific project members and adding comments. 

Drafts serve as a work-in-progress version of the Create form or Bulk create table, allowing you to save your work for future improvements or share it with others to collaborate on it. 

With Drafts, you can work on your own or share your progress with specific project members. When sharing a draft, you also retain control over who can access it and the level of access granted. This ensures privacy within your team while enabling effective collaboration. Additionally, you can also leave comments to share information, discuss ideas or, keep notes within Accutics Standardize.

Creating and managing a Draft

Creating a draft is simple. When creating a record, simply click the save draft button.

From the Create form, click 'Save draft' > Name the draft > 'Save' or,

from the Bulk create table, click 'Save' > Name the draft > 'Save'

Once saved, your drafts will be stored on the 'Drafts' page, allowing you to easily access them at any time and continue your work right where you left off.

On this page, you'll find a table listing the drafts along with various details such as the author of the draft, the user who last updated it, and the creation date.

Additionally, you can manage the drafts you have access to directly from this page. Simply hover over a draft to access the more menu, where you can find various actions including duplicating, commenting, and sharing. Alternatively, select multiple drafts for quick actions. 

Note: A draft can only be deleted by its author, i.e., who created the draft. 

Locate the draft > ... > Delete

Sharing a Draft

You can share a Draft with other project members by adding them to it. 

First, to access the sharing feature, simply save and share a draft while creating a record. Alternatively, you can share existing drafts from the Drafts table.

From the Create form or Bulk create table, click the share icon or 'Save and share' when saving a draft, or from the Drafts page, locate the draft, click the more menu (...) > 'Share'

A this point, a modal will open to allow you to share the draft. Then: 

  1. Add project members

In this field, you can grant access to the draft to other project members by adding them. Simply select a user from the list or enter their email address > 'Add'

Note: By default, adding a project member grants access without notifying the user. 

If desired, you can either copy the link to the draft by clicking 'Copy link' or include an email notification by toggling on 'Send notification'.

  1. Define access level

Once added, you can define the level of access you want to grant them. There are 4 different levels: 

  • View only. User can only view the draft.
  • Edit only. User can view and edit the draft.
  • View and submit. User can view and submit the draft if all its fields are valid. 
  • Edit and submit. User can view, edit, and submit the draft.

Note: Only the owners of the Draft can delete it. 

To do so, locate the draft > ... > Delete

  1. Send notification (optional)

You can choose to notify the users about their access to the draft by toggling on the 'Send notification' switch.

  1. Share

Once project members have been added, they can view, edit, and submit the draft according to the access level you've granted them.

Access to Drafts

Remember, while sharing drafts is great for teamwork, ensure your team members have the right permissions to access them. 

Drafts inherit the user attributes of the author to control access. Hence, even if a draft is shared with you, your access may be restricted if you are assigned to an incompatible access group. 

This applies to the author too; you may be unable to access the drafts you created if your current user attributes don't align with your access group. 

Learn more about access groups here

Adding comments to a Draft

Once you've created a Draft, you can communicate with other team members by leaving comments. This ensures that relevant information is organized and documented within Accutics.

Whether you're working in the Create form, Bulk create table, or Drafts page, accessing comments is straightforward.

From the Create form or Bulk create table, click the 'Comments' button or,

From the Drafts table, click the 'Add' button under the 'Comments' column

This action opens the Comments panel where you can write and post comments. All comments are listed here, where you can also sort them by date. 

Note: Currently, comments cannot be deleted once posted. Please keep this in mind before posting.