In this release, we focused on streamlining workflows and simplifying data management. We introduced the ability to edit multiple rows at once in the Bulk template, include dependencies in exports, unarchive campaigns, and replace Shared datasets with Datasets. 


New features:


  • [Accutics Standardize] Modify selection in Bulk template
  • [Accutics Standardize] Include dependencies in the export of (Shared) Datasets
  • [Accutics Standardize] Unarchive published campaigns
  • [Accutics Standardize] Auto-selection of select fields with one option
  • [Accutics Standardize] Remove Shared dataset in Project configuration

Accutics Standardize


Modify selection in Bulk template

Modify selection lets you update multiple campaign fields at once within the Bulk template. This works by selecting a range of rows (campaigns) and then making changes to one of the cells in the selection. 

  1. Selecting a range of rows 

Select the checkboxes on the left-hand side corresponding to the rows you intend to edit

  1. Applying the 'Modify selection' feature

Select the checkbox at the top of the table

  1. Applying multiple changes simultaneously

Make changes to one cell by either entering a value or selecting it

Given that the value is eligible for all the cells in the same column, the changes will automatically apply to the rest of them. 

You can repeat these steps to continue applying edits to multiple rows. The 'Modify selection' feature will remain active until specifically deselected.

Include dependencies in the export of (Shared) Datasets

Previously, the ability to export Datasets and Shared datasets was limited to their value options. Now, you can export both values and dependency options. 


From a Dataset or Shared dataset, click the more menu (...) > 'Export' > 'Include dependencies'


This will download a .xlsx file containing the field names, the values of the dataset options, and the values of the dependency options.



Unarchive published campaigns

Building on the 'Show archived' feature we introduced in the last release, you can now also unarchive campaigns from the Campaigns table. 

Access archived campaigns by toggling the 'Show archived' option from the Campaigns table. Hence, you can either: 


  • Unarchive a single campaign

Locate the relevant campaign > Click the more menu (...) > 'Unarchive' > 'Unarchive'


  • Unarchive a selection of multiple campaigns

Select multiple campaigns by selecting the checkboxes on the left-hand side > Click 'Unarchive' on the top of the table > 'Unarchive'


Unarchived campaigns are moved to the list of 'Active campaigns'. To view it, toggle off the 'Show archived' option.

Auto-selection of select fields with one option

To make campaign creation easier, we also improved the handling of single values. In select fields where only one option is available, we now automatically pre-select that option for your convenience. 

Note: Select fields are dropdown and multiselect field types and they can be Datasets or Shared datasets.

Remove Shared dataset in Project configuration

This feature allows you to replace a Shared dataset with a project-level Dataset in the Project Configuration. 

The replacement automatically updates the existing field where it is in use, including the Campaigns Table, Outputs, and Data schemas. This allows you to preserve your previous data. 

Use case: To dissociate a Shared dataset from the company-level, without having to delete and create a new field. Deleting a field results in the removal of its corresponding columns in the Campaigns table, causing possible loss of data and potentially disrupting your Outputs and Data schemas.