Learn how to set up automatic reports to get notified whenever a validation run is complete. 

Reports let you set automated email notifications as soon as a validation run is complete. The email contains a summary of the run, the latest Health Score, and the number of errors found.

You can set up reports:

  • for a specific validation rule from the Validation Rule Editor
  • for a specific validation rule from the Validation Rule Panel
  • for all the validation rules in Accutics Validate from the Project Settings

Use case: It normally takes a few seconds for a simple validation rule to run. However, some validations may take much longer depending on the type of validation rule and the amount of data checked.


Reports - Validation Rule Editor

When configuring a validation rule, you can switch to the `Reports´ tab to access reporting settings. 

These settings let you choose who should be receiving an email as soon as the run for that specific validation rule is complete.

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To set up automatic reports:

  1. Choose a user
  2. Choose a frequency (currently, only Instant Reports are available)


Tip: From the meatball menu (…) on the right side of the users, you can also access the reports settings page. Here, you can enable/disable receiving reports. 

Reports - Validation Rule Panel

To set up reports for a specific validation rule from its panel, simply navigate to a source, then:

Click on a validation rule > Switch to the `Reports´ tab > Toggle on ` Receive Instant Reports´.

Please note that this will only apply to yourself. To choose a recipient other than you, please access the reporting settings from the configuration of the validation page (see point above).

Reports - Project Settings

If you do not wish receive any report in Accutics Validate, you should access the Project Settings.

From the side navigation bar:

Click on `Settings´ > `Reports´ > Toggle off ` Receive Instant Reports´.

Toggle on and off corresponds to enabling or disabling to receive email reports. You can think of it as subscribe and unsubscribe to a newsletter. 

Use case: When needing a period of focus or being on holiday, you may want to disable all email reports for the project for a short period of time. Instead of disabling reporting for each individual validation rule, you can simply toggle off `Receive Instant Reports´ and then, toggle it on once you are ready again.