Learn how to connect your media platform as a source in Accutics Validate. 

What is a source

A source is a connection to a third-party digital platform which Accutics retrieves data from. 


For example, if you wish Accutics Validate to validate your Google Ads campaigns, you’ll need to allow us to connect to your campaign account and access the necessary data. This is done by adding a data source. 



Add a source

You can add a source from the Source page of your Accutics Validate project.

From the navigation bar, navigate to 'Sources'. Here you'll see a list of marketing platforms you can add as sources. Choose one and click 'Connect'.

If you already connected a source, you'll find an 'Add sources' button on the top right instead. 

Note: You cannot add sources if you are assigned a Viewer user role. 


  1. Authenticate

First, you will need to sign in to the third-party platform you wish to connect to.

The access we need depends on the rules you will set up. Please, provide full access when prompted with the authorization window.


Note: For Sizmek, an API username and key are also required. Please, contact Sizmek if you do not have such credentials. 


  1. Choose one or more ad account(s)

At this step, you can choose which specific ad account(s) to connect.


  1. Name your connection

Provide a name that would make it easy for you to identify later. 



List of supported sources

Accutics Validate currently supports:

  • Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)
  • Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)
  • Adform
  • Campaign Manager 360
  • Display & Video 360
  • Search Ads 360
  • Facebook Business Manager (Meta)
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Sizmek Ad Suite

We are constantly monitoring what new sources our customers need, so new sources are gradually added to this list.

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