Learn how to resolve errors from the Findings Table in Accutics Validate. 

Resolve errors

The Findings Table provides you with a detailed report of where you can find errors and what the errors are. 


Currently, the errors cannot be resolved from the Accutics platform. It is up to you to navigate to the source platform, find the specific element and correct the error.

Tip: Some errors have a link to the source platform you connected. Clicking on the link icon will redirect you to where the error is in your ad platform.

Note: Youmust access CM360 and Accutics Validate at the same time in order to compare results of the Default Impressions validation rule. 

Once you've corrected the error, you can mark it as completed on the Accutics platform. Alternatively, you can also decide to disregard the error. Both completing and ignoring are considered resolving actions. 


However, please note that errors that have been marked as `Resolved´ in Accutics but have not been corrected in the ad platform will be listed again when the next validation runs.


 Hence, from the Accutics platform:

  1. Navigate to an element with an error
  2. Click on the element name. An overview of the specific error(s) will open
  3. Take note of the error(s)


From your ad platform:

  1. Find where the error(s) is located
  2. Correct the error(s)


Back to the Accutics platform: 

  1. Resolve the error(s) by either clicking on `Complete` or `Ignore´

You can read more about different ways to mark the errors as resolved here.  

Note: Normally, as soon as you mark an error as resolved, it disappears from the table. This happens because, by default, the Findings Table shows unresolved errors only. To include the solved errors in the table, change the view to either `Completed´ or `All´ from the dropdown on the top-right hand corner.

You can also get an overview of the resolution state of the errors from the `Source errors´ graph in the source `Dashboard´.

Marked an error as resolved by mistake?
Change the table view to either `Completed´ or `All´ > Find and click on the erroneously completed error > Click `Unresolved´ to restore its status.




Re-running a validation rule

After you corrected the errors from your platform and resolved them in Accutics Validate, you can run a validation rule again. This provides you with more insight into (1) the state of error resolution and/or (2) the `health´ of your ad activity on the platform over time.   



Running the validation rule immediately after correcting the errors ensures that all errors have been corrected. Indeed, errors that were previously ignored or marked as `Complete´ by mistake would reappear. 

To improve your overall Health Score, you can repeat the process of running and resolving errors until there are no errors left.


If you also made changes in the ad platform before re-running the validation rules, they will be shown in the new validation run. The new stats will give you insights into how the new run performed compared to the previous validation runs. You will also be able to see if the Health Score increased or decreased.

You can read more about validation stats here.


That's it!

Congratulations for making it so far. This concludes the series of articles explaining the basics of how to use Accutics Validate. If you missed any of them, check here:

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  4. Read findings