This article lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Accutics Validate.  


What is Accutics Validate?

Accutics Validate is a service that integrates with your marketing platforms to deliver automated validation and governance checks based on standards you configure.  

How does Accutics Validate work?

Once you connect a marketing platform (source), Accutics Validate can access it to perform a series of checks (validations). 

These validations are done by comparing your campaign activities with data standards that you define (validation rules) - including validating that all campaign names comply with a given naming structure, that landing page URLs lead users to a well-functioning URL with correctly applied link tracking, etc.

Finally, a table is provided with details of what did not comply with the requirements you set (errors). 

How do I add a user?

You can add a teammate, colleague, or external collaborator by inviting them.

Project ´Settings´> ´Users´ > ´Invite user´

See this article for more info. 


How do I edit my sources?

You can edit general information and manage the connection of the source from the source settings. 

From the ´Overview´ page > Click on the meatball menu (...) > ´Source settings´, or 

from the ´Sources´ page > Click on any source > ´Settings´ > ´Settings´ 

See this article for more info.

What's the difference between disconnecting and deleting a source? 

Disconnecting a source means that the connection to the ad platform is ended. This does not affect your data in Accutics Validate. 

Deleting a source means that the connection and all its related data are deleted. 

See this article for more info. 

Validation rules

How do I edit a validation rule?

You can edit a validation rule by accessing its editor. From the source ´Dashboard´:

Scroll to the Validation Rules Table > Find the validation rule > Click the meatball menu (...) > `Edit´

See this article for more info.

My validation rule was not successful - what does nothing validated mean?

The status `Nothing validate´ means that it was not possible to validate for the requirements you set. 

Please, check the configuration of your validation rule and run it again.


My RegEx does not work - What RegEx engine do you use?

We use the PCRE flavor with a forward slash / as delimiter. 

In other words, when you use a regex in the platform, its syntax look like this: /pattern/flag



  • / is the delimiter
  • (([0-9]{4}_(DK|SE|NO|FI)_(DB)_*)) is the pattern
  • i is a modifier that defines a case insensitive match

Findings & Errors

What does the Findings Table show? What do you mean by Finding?

The Findings Table lists what did not comply with the validation rule(s) you set. Indeed, by finding we mean errors that were found. 

See this article for more info.