Welcome to Accutics Standardize! Here's everything you need to know to get started. 


Learn how to create a record by filling out the Create form, how to generate outputs, and how to read the Records table. 

Accutics Standardize is a service in the Accutics platform that allows you to enter classification data (inputs) to create consistent tracking URLs, name sets or any other unique code (outputs) for your marketing campaigns. 


This article will cover the basics of how to use the service. Namely, how to:


  1. Create a profile and access Accutics
  2. Create a record
  3. Generate record outputs
  4. View existing records

Preliminary step: Project configuration

Before being able to use Accutics Standardize, the project must be configured based on your company taxonomy. 

Your manager normally takes care of these steps. You should only focus on generating outputs using a preconfigured form – the Create form. 


However, if the Create form looks empty or you are not able to submit records, it means that the project has not been fully configured. Please, notify your manager in these cases. 

If you are a manager, check out this article about how to set up an Accutics Standardize project

Alternatively, please, reach out to us. We'd be glad to help you set your taxonomy, outputs, and user attributes.

1. Creating a profile

You can easily create a profile and access the Accutics platform through an invitation email. This is sent to you by someone from the Accutics team or someone from your company with an admin profile. 


  1. Open the email from Accutics > Click the 'Join your team' button
  2. Complete your profile information
  3. Accept the Terms and conditions > Click 'Get started'

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You should now be logged into the platform.

2. Creating a record - Input data

Note: In this Knowledge base, and at times in the platform itself, the term Record is used to encompass tracking URLs, name sets, unique codes, or any other output you configure to be generated in Accutics Standardize.

Once you're logged in, you should see an overview of your Accutics Standardize project. At this stage, the overview will be empty and the first step is to create a record using the Create form.  


The Create form is used to collect classification data about a marketing campaign. This data is then used to generate an output you can use in other third-party marketing platforms for tracking or naming convention purposes. 


From the left-hand side of the panel, click on the 'Create' button under the 'Actions' section. Then, you can start adding data about a specific campaign using the input fields available. 

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Learn more about creating records here

Creating Presets

If there are combinations of values that are used often, you can save them as presets. 


  1. Fill in the commonly used fields
  2. Click 'Save as preset'
  3. Name and save the preset

Note: If you have access to create shared presets, you'll be given the choice to save your preset for private user or make it available for all project members when saving. 

Once you created a preset, you can find it on the right panel and from the Home page, ready to be used at any time.

Learn more about presets here

Bulk create table

If you need to create multiple records with similar input fields and structure, you can use the Bulk create feature to do so. 

  1. Fill in common input fields / all input fields
  2. Click 'Bulk create' on the bottom right section
  3. Duplicate and edit the data as needed
  4. Click 'Submit'

Once you created them, you can find them on the Records table.

Learn more about creating multiple records at the same time here

Editing Datasets

Your manager has already set all input fields with the necessary values. However, you may have access to make adjustments to the datasets used for them from the Datasets page. 

A Dataset is a set of values that can be used to configure the Create form. When in use, a dataset presents itself as a list of options available for selection in dropdown or multiselect fields when you fill out the Create form to create a record.


From the side navigation bar, click on 'Datasets' under the 'Setup' section. Here, you’ll see a list of all datasets that are available in the project. 

Learn more about the Datasets page here

3. Generating outputs

Once you have completed the Create form, click 'Submit' to generate an output(s).


There are two types of outputs: 

  • URL string

It can be used to build tracking codes - URLs containing custom campaign parameters used to capture reporting data for analytics. 


  • Text string

It can be used to build a name set – a text string composed of campaign data used for naming purposes. 

Accutics ensures that the outputs are always consistent across the organization and that they conform to a specific taxonomy and naming conventions.

Submitting a record opens a window with record details. Specifically, it contains (1) the output(s), (2) info about the input fields with their values, and (3) other metadata.


The output is now ready to be used in your Facebook campaign, Google Ad name, etc. 

Tip: Clicking on the output automatically copies it to the clipboard.


Generating QR codes

URL outputs like tracking codes are also available as QR codes - they can be generated after submitting a record. 

To generate a QR code, simply click on the 'Get QR code' button in the Output section in the records details. 


4. Reading the Records table

After creating a record(s), you can view all existing records on the Records table.   


From the side navigation bar, click 'Overview'. Here, you will find (1) a graph illustrating the number of records created in the past month and (2) a records history in the form of a table.  

The Records table contains information about all records that you created. 


The table is divided into two tabs. One lists all records created and the other lists submissions created with Bulk create table.


Each row lists a record, whereas the columns show pieces of information relative to a record. 


You can also view detailed record information by either clicking on a piece of information (that is not an output) or by opening the meatball menu (...) > 'View'. Doing so opens a side panel containing all information about outputs, inputs, and metadata for that campaign. 

Learn more about reading the Records table here

Note: Already created records can be edited. However, you need the right permission to do so. Learn more about editing created records here

Tip: Clicking on a URL or name set will automatically copy it to your clipboard.

That’s it! You are now ready to start creating tracking codes and/or name sets to use in your campaigns! 

Next, you can dive deeper into using Accutics Standardize here.