In this release, we tried to make it more convenient to view content in tables and generate Short URLs. Other improvements include the introduction of static values in Data schemas, more space for field descriptions, and a clearer required notation.


New features:


  • [Accutics Standardize] Double-click to autofit columns to its content
  • [Accutics Standardize] Generating Short URLs from record details


  • [Accutics Standardize] Static value in Data schemas
  • [Accutics Standardize] Expanded length of description in Input fields
  • [Accutics Standardize] Asterisk (*) to indicate required fields

Accutics Standardize


Double-click to autofit columns in tables

Effortlessly adjust column widths by simply double-clicking on the separator (||) in the column header. This will autofit the column to the contents of the column. 

This feature works in the Records table on both the Home page and Overview page, as well as in Bulk create.

Generating Short URLs from record details

We have improved the process of generating Short URLs, making it more accessible and convenient. In addition to generating Short URLs from the Records table, you can now generate them directly after creating a record or from the View record side panel. 

Learn more about Short URLs here


Static value in Data schemas

We introduced the Static value input type when building a Data schema. This new addition allows you to set a static value to be included in your exports. 

Expanded length of description in Input fields

When configuring Input fields, you can now provide more detailed descriptions as the limit has been increased to 1000 characters. 

These descriptions, displayed as tooltips next to the field name, are designed to help you provide helpful information for users or document an Input field. 

Asterisk (*) to indicate required fields

To improve clarity and user experience, we introduced the use of the asterisk symbol (*) to denote required fields.

Here is an overview of the notation system: 

  • Required field. Marked with a red asterisk (*) symbol at the beginning of the field name or control. These fields cannot be left blank.

  • Optional field. Labeled as 'Optional' at the end of the field name or control. These fields can be left blank. 

  • No notation. Fields or controls without any notation come with a pre-selected option. While these cannot be cleared, you have the flexibility to change options to suit your needs. 

Note: Fields in the Bulk create table may appear slightly different but they work based on the same underlying logic. The asterisk (*) and 'Optional' are displayed as part of the placeholder.