Learn how to save a set of frequently used input values as a preset and to use it to streamline your workflow.  

A Preset is a set of input values that is saved for future use. By making use of presets you can minimize the repetitive task of manually inputting the same values each time, making your work more efficient and convenient. 

Saving a preset

A preset can be saved from the Create form. 

Hence, navigate to the form by clicking on ‘Create’ from the navigation bar. Then: 


  1. Fill in frequently used field values

    Enter a set of input values that you use together often. 

  1. Save the preset
    1. Name the preset
    2. Click 'Save'

Once saved, the preset is listed under the section 'My presets' - Only you can see and use these presets.

Note: If you have access to create shared presets, you'll be given the choice to save your preset as private or shared. You can refer to the below section 'Sharing a preset' for more information. 

Tip: You can save as many presets as you need but make sure to give them a name that is descriptive enough to easily remind you of what it is about. E.g., DK – social – Fb – Paid.

Using a preset

Once saved, presets are readily accessible in the 'Presets' section on both the Home page and on the side of the Create form. 


To apply a preset, simply click on it. This will automatically populate the fields with the values you previously saved.

Applying a preset from the Home page will redirect you to the Create form with auto-filled fields. This ensures you can get right to work without unnecessary clicks.

TipApplying a preset does not replace the current form but it simply fills in the relevant field values. This allows you to apply presets while already working on the form or even combine multiple complimentary presets. 

Updating a preset

You can update existing presets by overwriting them with a new set of values. This can be useful when a preset becomes invalid, allowing you to update it without the need to delete it and save a new one. 


To do so, fill in the form with the new values you'd like to save > locate the preset to update > ... > 'Overwrite'

You can then adjust its name accordingly. 


Note: A preset becomes invalid when some of the original fields or values saved in the presets have been edited or deleted.

Sharing a preset

If you have a user role other than Contributor, you also have access to create presets that are available to all project members. 

Indeed, when saving a preset, you have the choice to either save it for private use or share it.

Once saved, the preset will be listed under the corresponding sections:


  • My presets. Only you can see and use these presets.
  • Presets for everyone. Everyone in the project can see and access these presets.

If you want to share an existing preset, simply locate the preset > ... > 'Edit' > 'Share with project'

Note: Anyone with access to create shared presets can also edit existing shared datasets, regardless of the creator. Editing includes renaming, changing its access level, and overwriting it.