Learn how to run a validation rule and understand their status.

Once a validation rule is configured, you can start running validation rules to get more insights on what is not working correctly. You can either (1) wait until it starts running automatically at the frequency you set, or (2) start it manually at any time.

Tip: You can also set up automated reports whenever a validation run is completed. 

Set automatic runs

When you configure a validation rule, you are asked to schedule a frequency at which your validation rule should run. This defines automatic runs.

If you wish to run your validation rule manually. Set the Frequency to ´None´ and follow the instructions below. 

Trigger runs manually

To run a validation rule manually, navigate to the ´Dashboard´ of the source. Then, from the validation rules table:

  1. Find the validation rule you want to run
  2. Click on the rule > ‘Validate Now’ button
  3. Close the validation rule panel and wait once it is completed

You can also run multiple validation rules simultaneously:
Check the boxes on the left-hand side and click the ´Validate now (n)´ button on the top right.

When a validation is running, Accutics Validate checks the data in your ad platform based on the conditions you set. 

Once the validation run is completed, the status of the validation rule should change from ´Ready´ to ´Successful´. If you set up reports, you will also receive an email. 

Run status

After a run is completed, a validation rule can have different status:

  • Successful: it means that the validation run is complete and errors were found.

  • Nothing validated: it means that the validation run is complete but that no validations could be found.

Please, check the configuration of your validation rule.

  • Failed: it means that the validation failed to run due to an issue with the connection. 

Please, check your source connection under the source settings.

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