Learn how to configure a URL suffix validation rule for Google Ads so to ensure you are passing the necessary information in your Final URL suffix. 

The URL suffix validation rule is specific to Google Ads. See a full list of sources and their validation rules here

In Google Ads, a Final URL suffix is a field that is appended at the end of the Final URL, and it is used to pass information about a campaign from an ad to the landing page. This can be applied to different levels of the account.

Tip: Parameters that your landing page absolutely requires, should be placed in the URL suffix field.

The URL suffix is always sent to the landing page, while parameters placed within the final URL may not. Learn more about the Final URL suffix field here.

The URL suffix validation rule checks that the final URL suffix on the selected level is not empty or holds the right values.


This validation checks that the URL suffixes in your Google Ads accounts or campaigns comply with your requirements. 

You can define these requirements by (1) choosing the level where the final URL suffix should be set and (2) defining a comparison expression.

  1. Select the level 
  2. Define the comparison expression
  • Select an Operator
  • (Input the Value)


Select the level where the final URL suffix is set:

  • Account
  • Campaign


Depending on the level you set, any findings will also be shown at the corresponding level.

URL suffix

As for the comparison expression, you need to define an operator and depending on the operator, a value.

There are three operators you can use for the evaluation:

  • Contains. The final URL suffix must contain all the tag values you add in this field. 
  • Equals. The final URL suffix must equal the string value you add in this field.
  • Is not empty.