Learn how to reach charts and stats available on each source page in Accutics Validate. 

You can find stats in the source `Dashboard´. They give you an overview of the performance of your validation rules, their runs, and the progress on your resolution of errors.

These stats can be are divided into general stats about a specific source, and single stats about individual validation rules.


Aggregated stats

Aggregated stats show data from a single source, including data from multiple validation rules. 


Source errorsThis half donut chart shows your progress on resolving all errors in the Findings Table.


The data is also broken down based on the status of the errors. It shows the ratio of resolved errors compared to the total number of errors. 


Health Score (for the past 30 days)

The line graph shows you the Health Score trend of your source in the past 30 days. 


The Health Score gives you a percentage indication of how many errors were found out of the total checks performed. This rates how `healthy´ the campaigns run through your ad platform are. 

Note: The higher the Health Score, the fewer errors are identified. The ideal Health Score is 100%, which translates to 0 errors.


Single stats

Single stats are used for individual validation rules.


Validation Rules Table

The validation rules table lists all validation rules. The table includes the Health Score, its percentage change from the previous validation run, as well as the total number of errors and unresolved errors for each validation rule. 


The in-line Health Score gives you a percentage indication of how many errors were found out of the total checks performed for that validation rule. 


Validation rule panel > Overview

Click on the validation rule.


The `Overview´ tab displays a graph visualizing the trend of individual runs for the selected validation rule. 

The graph also states the current Health Score of the selected validation rule, its percentage change for a specific period. You can change the period by selecting the dates on the top right of the graph. 



Validation rule panel > History

Click on the validation rule > Switch to the `History´ tab


`History´ is a record of all the runs that have been performed for the selected validation rule. This also includes information on the date the run was performed, together with the trigger, its duration, the current status, and insight on the errors. 


More specifically, the error column shows the number of errors out of the total number of errors checked. This data is used to compute the Health Score.