Learn how to read the Validation Rules Table on the source dashboard page. 

To view the Validation Rules Table, navigate to the source ´Dashboard´ and scroll to the lowest part of the page. The table lists all the validation rules that are active or inactive for that specific source. 


Different columns provide you with pieces of information about it: 

Validation rule

It contains the name of the validation rule followed by the type of validation. 

The colorful dot marking indicates whether the validation rule is active (green) or inactive (orange).



A validation rule can have different statuses: 


  • Ready: it means that the validation rule has been configured and is ready to be run.


  • Successful: it means that the validation run is complete and errors were found.


  • Nothing validated: it means that the validation run is complete but that no validations could be found 

Please, check the configuration of your validation rule.

  • Failed: it means that the validation failed to run.

Please, check your source connection under the source settings. 


  • Inactive: it means that the validation rule was deactivated.

Click on the meatball menu > ´Activate´ to reactivate the validation rule. 


Validation rules are deactivated automatically if you disconnect the source. This is done to let you review and/or adjust the validation rules according to the new source connection if needed. 

Health Score

A Health Score is computed only after a successful validation run. 


Health Score is a percentage indication of the errors found out of the number of validations carried out. 

You can improve the Health Score by resolving errors and re-running the validation rule. 



The number of errors is displayed only after a successful validation run.

Errors on the validation rules table indicate the total number of issues that were found that do not comply with the requirements you set. 


Unresolved errors 

Unresolved errors indicate the number of errors that are yet to handle.  



Table controls



Clicking on the column header of the table lets you sort based on the column. 


Multi-selection of validation rules

The checkboxes on the left side of the table let you select all or multiple validation rules. Once you've selected at least one validation rules, a 'Validate now (n)´ button will also appear to let you validate in bulk. 


Managing the validation rule

The meatballs menu (…) on the right side of each validation rule lets you access the validation rule editor, activate/deactivate a source, or delete the validation rule permanently. 


Add validation rule button

The button on the bottom right of the table lets you create an additional validation rule.