This release introduces several functionalities that build upon existing features, along with performance enhancements, and UX improvements.


New features:


  • [Accutics Standardize] Saving the Campaign form as a draft
  • [Accutics Standardize] Searching abbreviations in select fields
  • [Accutics Standardize] Quarters {q} supported as macro


  • [Accutics Standardize] Performance of campaign creation
  • [Accutics Standardize] Generating Short URLs in one click

  • [Accutics Standardize] Field values renamed to Datasets
  • [Accutics Standardize] Dropdown with multiselect renamed to Multiselect

Accutics Standardize


Saving the Campaigns form as a draft

It is now possible to save the campaign form as a draft which you can view and edit from the Drafts page at a later point. This works similarly to the draft function in the Bulk template.

Click 'Save draft' > Name the draft > 'Save'

Once you created a draft, you'll have two saving options: 

  • Save as new draft. This saves the draft as a new one.
  • Save draft. This updates the changes made to the current draft.

Existing drafts can be found on the 'Drafts' page. Here, you will have an overview of all drafts and will be able to open, duplicate, or delete them. 

Searching abbreviations in select fields

In select fields, you have now the ability to search for both the full and the abbreviated form of field values.  

Note: Moving forward, what was previously called 'dropdown fields' will now be referred to as 'select fields' in the Knowledge Base. Select fields include both regular dropdown and dropdown with multiselect, and also shared dataset fields. 

Quarters {q} supported as macro

Quarters are now supported as a date macro. You can use {q} in your inputs, outputs, variables, template upload and export, export of the campaigns table, and connectors.  

New macro: {q} - Yearly quarters. 

Values: 1, 2, 3, 4. 


Performance of campaign creation

Publishing campaigns or saving them as a draft is now much faster, especially when working with multiple campaigns in the Bulk template. For example, you can now submit several hundred rows in just a matter of seconds.

Generating Short URLs in one click

The process to generate a basic Branded Short URL has been simplified. 

With the domain preselected, you can now simply click 'Generate' with no additional steps. Of course, if necessary, you can still have the option to select a different domain and customize the path. 


As previously mentioned, there will be several name changes incoming. These are the ones you can expect to see in this release:

  • 'Field values' renamed to 'Datasets'
  • 'Dropdown with multiselect' renamed to 'Multiselect'