Learn how to create subsets of your dataset options tailored to different fields using Allowlists/Denylists.

Allowlists and Denylists are subsets of dataset options that allow you to control which options are available for selection. Indeed, by applying these lists, you can either permit or restrict specific options, ensuring that only relevant options are shown in different fields where the dataset is used. 


An allowlist, also known as a whitelist, is a set of options that are explicitly allowed for selection in a field when the list is applied. Conversely, a denylist consists of options that are expressly hid from selection. These options are excluded, ensuring they do not appear as choices.

Creating an Allowlist/Denylist

Creating an allowlist or denylist within the Dataset manager is a straightforward process.


From the ‘Dataset’ tab, find the ‘Allowlist / Denylist’ section. Then:


  1. Add and name a list

Click ‘Add list’ > Choose the list type (allowlist or denylist) > Provide a descriptive name

  1. Configure the list

Use the + and – icons to add or remove dataset options to the list. A preview of the list is shown on the right for reference.


  1. Save

Once saved, the lists will be available under the ‘Allowlist/Denylist’ section and can be applied to the fields where the dataset is in use.




Managing Allowlists/Denylists

Once saved, the lists will be listed under the ‘Allowlist/Denylist’ section. 


Allowlist have an ‘Allow’ label, while Denylists have a ‘Deny’ label.

From the more menu of each list, you can also rename or delete it. 

Locate a list > Click the meatballs menu (…) > 'Rename' or 'Delete'


Deleting a list

You cannot delete a list that is currently in use. In other words, deleting a list is only possible when it is not applied to any fields within the project configuration.


To delete a list, locate it under the ‘Allowlist/Denylist’ section > ... > 'Delete'


If the list is indeed in use, a modal will appear listing all fields where the dataset is in use with the list.


Tip: You can also see where a allowlists/denylists are in use from the the ‘Used in’ tab in the dataset.


To proceed with deletion, you must first remove the allowlist/denylist from all listed fields. You can do this by clicking on an entry in the modal, which redirect you to the specific field where the list is applied. 

However, please note that only users with Admin or Project manager permissions can perform this action, as access to the project configuration is required to make any changes to fields. 



Applying a list (Admins and Managers)

Once created, allowlists and denylists can be applied to fields where the dataset is in use. You can do so from the project configuration. 

Here’s how:


  1. Access field settings

Navigate to the field where the dataset is used and access its settings by clicking on the cog icon.


  1. Enable 'Use Allowlist/Denylist'

Check the box labeled 'Use allowlist/denylist' to enable this feature.


This setting lets you apply a list to the field. In other words, you can now use a subset of the dataset options exclusively for specific field where the dataset was added. 


  1. Select a list

Select the list to apply from the dropdown that appears.


  1. Save

‘Apply changes’


Now, only the dataset options defined in the list will be available for selection within the field.


You can verify this by reviewing the preview of the Create form on the left. Click on the field where the list is applied and observe that only dataset options defined in the list are shown in the field now.