These past weeks, we've been working on three major features: Multi-factor Authentication to the platform, a Reference input field type, and a new source - Sizmek. Other features also introduce improvements to the configuration of an Accutics Standardize project. 


New features:

Accutics platform


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We introduced an MFA feature to make sure that your campaign data is more secure. 

When in place, users are asked for two-factor authentication, comprising credentials and an OTP whenever they log in.

To do so:

  1. Admin enables MFA from the Company settings
  2. Users set up their MFA with an authenticator

Learn more about MFA here

Accutics Standardize


Creating and using a Reference field type

We introduced a new input field type - Reference. 

A reference input field is added to the Campaign Form and allows a user to reference an existing Campaign by selecting an Output Value as a key. This links the two campaigns.

Thus, the values from the referenced Campaign can be retrieved and used to populate other Outputs.

This eases the workload and is particularly useful for consistency as users do not need to manually enter information that has already been captured in previously published campaigns. Moreover, this allows you to manage campaigns that are related more easily. 

Learn more about how to create a reference input field and how to use it to build outputs here

Joining values in Data Schemas

It is now possible to combine multiple values in Data Schemas using the Join option.

You can think of Join as a function that lets you concatenate a series of values, separated by a delimiter.


  1. Select 'Join'

'Add column' > 'Choose value' > 'Join'

  1. Configure the combined value
  • Set a symbol to use as the delimiter.
  • Define the sequence of values to be concatenated.
  • (Check the 'Remove delimiters for empty values' box)

This works the same as the JOIN in Campaign Outputs. Learn more about it here

Preview of the Invite Form in the User Attributes configuration

User attributes are metadata assigned to new users when inviting them to the platform. As such, any user attribute field created is added to the `Invite user´ form. 


When configuring the User Attributes, you can now preview how the final Invite Form would look like. 

As you start adding fields, you will see the changes applied to the form on the left side panel.


Learn more about how to create User Attributes here

Accutics Validate


Sizmek source

We introduced a new source - Sizmek Ad Suite by Amazon. 


You can now add it as a source and validate its campaign name, placement name, and destination URL. 

Note: Connecting to Sizmek differs slightly from other sources as an API username and an API key are also required. Please, contact Sizmek if you do not have such credentials.

You can find an up-to-date table listing all sources and their validation rules here