Learn about what Branded short URL is, its benefits, and how to use it with Accutics Standardize. 

Branded Short URL is a solution integrated directly into Accutics which allows you to shorten tracking codes in Standardize while also staying on brand. 

Why use short URLs?

Short URLs that contain your brand give you several advantages:

  • Performance

Short links are more readable and hence, likely to be trusted and clicked.

Branding them, also helps customers associate your links with your company, which results in increased brand awareness and engagement. 

  • Seamless workflow

Because it is a service integrated into Accutics, your team can directly generate short links whenever they create a tracking URL or also for existing ones.


  • Dynamic QR codes

Accutics can also generate QR codes for URLs. 

When used in combination with the Branded short URL, QR codes become less dense and can also be used dynamically. That is, the destination of the QR code can be changed without changing the QR code itself.

Branded Short URL and Accutics Standardize

Branded Short URL can be used as an add-on to Accutics Standardize to generate short URLs together with Tracking URLs.

Indeed, when Branded Short URL is in place, all users can generate them by simply clicking on a button after creating a record. 

Let's have a look at how it works, step-by-step. 

Creating Short URLs

  1. Create records

Add and submit one or more records. 

Click on the picture to expand it

After submitting, outputs are automatically generated together with a button to generate Short URLs.

Click on the picture to expand it

  1. Generate Short URLs

Click 'Generate' to begin customizing your short URL. You can configure it by selecting: 

  • A domain between the available ones (established during setup) 
Note: If only one domain is available, the field will be pre-select and appear disabled. 

  • A path (optional)

Accutics Standardize will automatically check that the URL is indeed valid. 

Hence, either click 'Generate' or press the Enter key. The Short URL should now be ready for use. 

Tip: Click on a short URL to automatically copy it to your clipboard. 

  1. Use Short URLs

Generated short URLs can be found in the Records table, readily available for you to copy and paste as needed. 

Please, do not hesitate to reach out for any questions or to schedule a demo.