Learn about how to generate an Output, edit it, and view its details after creation.

Submitting a Record

Once you filled in the Create form or Bulk create table with the necessary data, you can submit the record(s) to generate outputs, and hence, finalize the creation process. 

An Output is what is generated from the Create form when a record is created. Outputs can be tracking codes, name sets, computed values, etc., and are configured by an admin user. 

If you are creating a single record, simply click the `Submit´ button to generate an output(s)

A window with the record and output details will automatically open. 

Submitting multiple records

If you are creating multiple records, click the `Submit´ button to create them in bulk

A window will open where you are asked to name the submission. This is used to label the multiple records as a single submission for later use. Learn more about submissions here


From the same window, you can also export, create more, and view the records you just bulk-created.

Hence, click `View submission´ > click on a record to view its details. 

Outputs types

There are two types of outputs: 

  • URL string

Use case: tracking codes - URLs containing custom parameters used to capture reporting data for analytics. 

With a URL string type, QR codes can also be generated.

  • Text string

Use case: name set – a text string composed of campaign data used for naming purposes. 

Your manager already set what type and in which scenarios an output should be generated. So, you can just focus on filling in the correct campaign data.


Note: Multiple outputs of different types can be generated at the same time. So, some of them may not always be relevant to you.

Record (and Output) details

As mentioned above, submitting a record or clicking on one from the Records table opens a window with record details. Specifically, it contains (1) the output(s), (2) inputted data, and (3) other metadata. 


Outputs section

It contains the final tracking codes and/or name sets, which are now ready to be used in your Facebook campaign, Google Ad name, etc. 

Click on an output to automatically copy it to the clipboard > Paste it where needed

For URL outputs, you'll also find a button to generate a QR code and view a list of query parameters.

Tip: Click on any output or parameter value to automatically copy it to the clipboard. 

Inputs section

It lists every input field with its values.


It contains additional details about who and when the record was created and updated. 

Note: This information is always available after the publication from the Records table.

Navigate to the Records table > click the meatball menu (...) > View

Generating QR codes

Tracking codes are also available as QR codes, which can be generated after a record is created.

To do so, simply click on the `Get QR code´ button in the Output section from the records details. A modal will open where you can apply styling templates and customize the QR code format before exporting it.


Editing a created Output

If you realize any mistakes in the output, a created record can still be edited. However, depending on your user role you may or may not have permission to do so. 

Locate the record from the Records table > click the meatball menu (...) > `Edit´

Hence, edit the record and submit the changes. The output(s) will be updated. 

Learn more about editing created records here

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