This release focuses on performance improvements, particularly when working with substantial amounts of data. And, of course, we also addressed bug fixes and made other improvements along the way.


New features:


  • [Accutics Standardize] Visualization of 10k+ values in dropdown fields


  • [Accutics Standardize] Overview of columns in Data Schemas
  • [Accutics Standardize] Updated various UI elements

Accutics Standardize


Visualization of 10k+ values in dropdown fields

This feature builds on the previous release of "Handling of 10k+ values in dropdown fields" to improve the overall workflow when dealing with large datasets. 

With the current update, dropdown fields can now handle a much later number of field values but also render them with ease. Practically speaking, you should be able to effortlessly see and scroll through a field with 10k+ values. 

However, please note that some limitations still apply as we are finalizing its configuration.

Note: In this context, by dropdown fields, we mean dropdown, dropdown with multiselect, and also Shared Dataset fields. 


Overview of columns in Data Schemas

When working with Data Schema, all fields are now initially collapsed. This allows you to have a concise overview of all different columns in the Data Schema, and hence, of which pieces of data are included in the exports. 

Updated various UI elements

We made improvements to various UI elements across the platform, including icons, buttons, and other components. For instance, icons for Field Values, edit configuration, account, and more, were updated to ensure that they better reflect their corresponding functionalities. 

Next up

Update on the announced features in Accutics Standardize:

  • SSO 
  • Bulk import of dependencies in dropdown fields

The above features have undergone further development and are currently in the testing phase before their official release. While we cannot provide an exact date, we are pleased to share that they are nearing final completion. We estimate that their rollout will start by the end of this month.