Learn how to set up automatic notifications to inform users whenever a connector run fails. 

Notifications in Connectors are automatic emails that are sent whenever a connector fails. This is aimed to help you monitor your exports and keep them running smoothly. 

As you may know, Connectors enable the export of data from Accutics to your data storage or other analytics platforms. However, when an export fails you may not be getting the data you need. 

Notifications can help you address this issue by sending emails to relevant stakeholders in the project, ensuring that your data exports are successful and that issues are reviewed and addressed as soon as they arise. 

Setting up notifications

To set up notifications, open a Connector > switch to the 'Notifications' tab > add users to be notified

When adding users, you can select other members of the project.

Emails are sent immediately to all the users that you added and contain the following information:

  • Details about the connector
  • Date and time of failure of the run
  • Redirect link to the connector in question

Stopping notifications

If you do not wish to receive notifications anymore, you can simply remove yourself and/or other users from the list of recipients. To do so, simply click the X icon. 

Note: Only manager and admin roles have access to Connectors and hence, to the notifications setup. In other words, some users may not have access to remove themselves, so it is advised that you add users intentionally and communicate with them about the inclusion.

If you are a user without access to Connectors, you can stop receiving notifications by reaching out to someone with an admin or manager role. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to our support team. They will be happy to assist you.