In the past weeks, we've been busy working on new features to ease the configuration and creation of campaigns in Accutics Standardize. 


New features:


  • [Accutics Standardize] Versions history of a project configuration
  • [Accutics Standardize] Bulk import of multiple campaigns from an Excel file
  • [Accutics Standardize] Export of Input field values


  • [Accutics Standardize] Navigation of Bulk Template - Adjusted


Version history of a project configuration

As a user with access to the configuration, you can now also view all versions of the configuration. This includes historical versions, and also the current live and draft version (if any). 

This allows you to have an overview of all versions and keep track of when and who made an update.

Navigate to Settings > Configuration > `See versions´

A side panel will open, displaying the history of the changed versions, the currently live and draft versions, and their details.

Version types
It is the current configuration in place.
You can preview it by clicking the meatball menu. 

It is the configuration you are still working on. You haven't published it yet and rather, saved a draft. 
You can manage it from the summary table. 

It is a historical version. 

Versions Table

All versions (rows) are listed on the first table, which also gives information (columns) about: 

  • Version ID
  • Status
  • Name

  • Date of creation
  • Name
  • Publication date
  • User (who published a version)

Summary Table

A second table, on the other hand, displays detailed information about a selected version. 

Clicking on the meatball menu (...) let you access a few commands depending on the type of version. 

  • Rename
  • Edit description
  • View (draft version only)

This lets you open the configuration in editing mode.

  • Preview (live version only)

This lets you open the configuration in place in view mode - you cannot edit it. 

The default version shown is the draft version. 
Click on a different version/row, to select it and view related information.

For the draft version, you will also find three buttons to manage it directly:

• Remove draft - it deletes the draft.
• View - it opens the draft in editing mode.
• Publish - it publishes the draft and hence, it becomes the new live version.

Note: There can be only 1 live version and 1 draft version. 

The draft is meant as a work-in-progress configuration. Once you complete and publish it, it will override the current live version. 

There cannot be multiple drafts.

Implications on publishing / drafting a configuration 

With the introduction of this new feature about versions, the process to publish and save a configuration changes slightly.

Firstly, ´Publish´ becomes `Submit´. Indeed, you are now submitting changes to a previous version of the configuration. 

Secondly, before saving a draft or submitting it, you now have an intermediate window. 

  • For submitting, you are required to name the version and add a description if you want (optional). 

At the bottom of the panel, you will also find the summary table of the previous version.

  • For drafts, you are only asked to provide an optional description.

Tip: Always include a short but explanatory description so that it is easy to keep track of all the changes made. 

We currently do not display what changes have been made. 

Bulk import of multiple campaigns from an Excel file

You can now download an excel template, fill it in and upload it back to import multiple campaigns to the Bulk Template.

To do so: 

  1. Download the template

You can do it from the Bulk Template - `Add multiple´ from the navigation bar > `Download template´

or from the Campaign Form - `Add´ from the navigation bar > `Download spreadsheet template´

  1. Fill in the template as needed

Please note that the template is based on the Campaign Form you configured. 

  1. Upload and save as draft/publish

`Upload´ from the navigation bar > select the file

At this point, the Bulk Template will fill in automatically and will prompt you of any invalid data. All that is left for you to do, is to review and publish. 

An `Upload´ shortcut has also been added to the main navigation bar, under the `Add campaign´ section.

Export of Input field values

You can now export field values. From both the Campaign Form configuration and the Field Values page. 

Locate the input field values > click on the meatball menu (...) > `Export´

An excel file containing the selected field values will start.

The export file uses the same template as the import one. 

Remember? We introduced the import of field values in the previous release notes - October 31, 2022


Side-scrolling to navigate the Bulk Template

We added a physical horizontal scroll bar in Bulk Template to ease the navigation for Windows users. 

For Mac users, simply swap sideways with two fingers on the trackpad.